Britney Spears is finally free as the court officially declared the termination of her conservatorship.

On Friday, a Los Angeles judge officially removed the conservatorship Spears had been put under since 2008. This also ended the stint of two conservators who have controlled her person and estate in the past years.

CNN reported that Judge Brenda J. Penny granted the pop star's legal rights immediately following the dismissal of the program. Following her ruling, the parties involved in the legal case will meet in court at a scheduled date to settle the financial aspects.

Spears surely won the case ultimately, as the verdict was announced without requiring her to undergo a mental evaluation.

Her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, wanted the minor estate conservatorship to remain exclusively. This would reportedly allow them to process necessary documents to transfer all assets in the conservatorship to a trust controlled by the singer herself.

"As of today, effective immediately, the conservatorship has been terminated as to both the person and the estate," Rosengart said outside the courthouse. "This is a monumental day for Britney Spears."

Although the conservatorship has already ended, the legal battle between Spears and her father is yet to end. For what it's worth, Rosengart expressed his desire to see the full accounting from everyone who had been involved in the conservatorship. The documents will definitely show how much money Jamie Spears and business manager Lou Taylor transferred from the conservatorship to their accounts.

Reports suggested that Britney Spears' estate is only worth $60 million, but the lawyer maintained it should be much larger.

Fans Rejoice After Britney Spears Officially Freed From Conservatorship

Spears' fans who have been pushing to "Free Britney" can be heard celebrating outside the courthouse following the announcement.

People online, who did not make it to personally see the new milestone in Spears' life, took to Twitter and shared powerful messages for the singer.

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One said, "Ohh shit Britney Spears can finally live her life! Congratulations. her family not shit for what they did to her!"

"This is amazing! Congratulations @britneyspears! #FreeBritney So happy for her, so proud. God bless you, love! Be free!" another added.

Following the announcement, Rosengart added that a "safety net" will be in place to safeguard the singer's finances and medical care.

Britney Spears will appear in the next court dates on December 8 and January 19.

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