Queen Elizabeth is about to celebrate her 70th year as the British Monarch, and the public has been speculating whether she will abdicate and let Prince Charles take over the throne. Recently, a royal expert weighed in on the topic and shared her thoughts on the possible abdication.

According to historian and author of "Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting" Carolyn Harris, Ph.D., it is unlikely for the Prince of Wales to formally assume the title of regent while the Queen is still alive.

She said that Her Majesty made a promise during her 21st birthday, vowing to devote her whole life to serving.

Aside from the promise she made, Dr. Harris said there's a more complicated reason why the Queen is unlikely to step down from her royal duties and hand over the title to his successor because she was coronated in a religious ceremony in 1952.

"The Queen is sovereign of 16 Commonwealth realms, and not all of them have a formal provision for a regency," she said. (via Express UK)

In addition, a regency could be a hurdle when it comes to appointing new Governors General in some of the Commonwealth realms.

Is There Any Way For Prince Charles To Become King While The Queen Is Stil Alive?

Despite the abovementioned complication, there is a chance for the Prince to ascend to the throne despite his mother being alive.

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The University College London's Constitution Unit explains that Prince Charles could take Her Majesty's duty if she becomes severely incapacitated because of an illness or old age.

The process will take time as they said that medical evidence is a requirement and it has to be approved by at least three of the following: the Lord of Chancellor, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Master of the Rolls, and the Lord Chief Justice.

The Queen Will Retain Her Title

Dr. Harris added that the longest-reigning monarch is most likely to stay in her position, meaning there is no way for Prince Charles to become King unless she passes away.

"The Queen will retain her title and certain royal duties, while her son the Prince of Wales assumes a greater number of her public engagements and increased decision-making power behind the scenes," the expert went on.

She added that the Prince is already taking overseas travel and other royal engagements on the Queen's behalf. He will be engaging in more of the Queen's duties in the United Kingdom in the coming years.

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