Tiger Woods has remained on the mend for nine months since the single-car crash almost cost his life.

Woods showed positive progress in the past months following his February accident that almost left him crippled. Most recently, he was seen walking with a limp, indicating that the World's No. 1 is not yet ready to be back on sports again.

In a video shared by a news outlet, Woods can be seen walking toward a hotel in Los Angeles over the weekend. He exited his car and walked to the building, noticeably taking his strides with a compression sleeve on his right leg still on.

Meanwhile, Woods' Twitter fan page, TWLEGION, also shared photos from the same outing. The page expressed its excitement upon seeing Woods walking with full weight on his right leg again, ditching his previous crutches.

It remains unknown whether the golfer continues to undergo procedures and treatments to fully back his leg's capacity.

His recent outing came weeks after Woods attended his son's event in Port St. Lucie. At that time, Charlie participated in a junior tournament.

One source revealed that Woods was still wearing a sleeve on his right leg. Still, he looked like he was in great spirits as he walked around and rode in a golf cart. He reportedly exchanged words with his fans throughout the tournament and thanked them for wishing him well.

Tiger Woods On His Injuries

Previously, Woods sat for an interview with Golf Digest and shared his progress months after the crash. According to the athlete, the injury he suffered most recently was worse than the past physical damages he experienced.

When asked whether he would be back to golf soon, Woods admitted he remains unsure about his comeback as he wants to focus on recovery first.

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"My physical therapy has been keeping me busy. I do my routines every day and am focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own. Taking it one step at a time," he said.

Even Woods' fellow golfer, Justin Thomas, told "No Laying Up" podcast that fans cannot expect him to be back with his limp as Woods "does not play if he cannot play well."

Despite his indefinite hiatus, Woods still stands as the World's No. with 82 PGA Tour events wins, 15 Masters Championships, and 11 PGA Player of the Year.

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