The Obamas have been in the spotlight for years after their patriarch Barack became president over a decade ago. Michelle's eldest daughter is currently in a relationship, and she's not trying to hide it away from the public; however, the first lady is not happy with their connection and reportedly wants them to break up; is this true?

According to a report published by Globe, Michelle Obama is meddling with her daughter's personal lives despite them being of legal age.

The former first lady has reportedly been watching Malia's every move regarding her dating life. The Obamas' eldest daughter is in a relationship with Harvard Law grad Rory Farquharson.

An insider said Rory is an amazing gentleman as he comes from a wealthy family. However, Michelle is annoying his family members in the United Kingdom for her "intruisive questions and power plays."

"No one likes to be grilled like that, but Michelle is oblivious," the source said.

Malia is reportedly mad at her mother and is embarrassed by the situation. Despite her desire to stop her mom's wrongdoings, the insider said Michelle is "the boss" of the family and "won't back down."

Michelle is pushing her away from Rory, and she's been questioning him for his intentions.

The "Becoming" author does not approve of the couple living together without being engaged. In her defense, the source said it's not what the Obamas do.

In addition, Michelle is also being nosey about her younger daughter Sasha's personal life.

The insider said Sasha doesn't want to bring guys home to meet her parents because the former first lady has been giving them "the third degree."

"Michelle says that you have to always have at least one parent who the kids think is a little bit crazy and might actually kill you," the source concluded.

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Michelle Obama's Treatment on Daughters Issue Debunked

After the report circulated, Suggest debunked the claims by pointing out some inconsistencies in the story.

The outlet mentioned that Michelle Obama has been vocal about how she doesn't mind her children leaving and creating a family independently.

In an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," the Obama matriarch said her husband is the one who's having a hard time watching their children grow up. (watch the interview below)

Michelle joked that Barack was "weeping" and being dramatic about the situation.

She said she's ready to let them go because she "spent all the time with them."

In addition, the author also held a parenting masterclass where she discussed letting go of her daughters. She said parents couldn't control everything in their children's lives.

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