Alec Baldwin's issue with "Rust's" crew members is far from over as a script supervisor came forward with another lawsuit on Wednesday against several people involved in the film, including the actor.

According to Newsweek, Mamie Mitchell was on the movie set when the actor shot Halyna Hutchins. The cinematographer was pronounced dead.

Per investigators, Baldwin thought the gun he was holding at the time was loaded with a dummy round; however, live ammo was fired.

The recent lawsuit alleges "assault, intentional infliction of emotional distres and deliberate infliction of harm."

In legal documents, Mitchell alleges that the written script did not call for the actor's gun to be fired during the scene which the cast members were rehearsing.

"Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun without checking it and without having the Armorer do so," the lawsuit reads.

In addition, the accuser noted that the actor and other producers of the film's behavior were "intentional acts and/or ommissions."

Aside from Baldwin and other producers, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, assistant director Dave Halls, and prop master Sarah Zachry are also involved in the lawsuit.

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Famed Lawyer Gloria Allred Represents Mamie Mitchell

Gloria Allred, a famous lawyer who previously worked for cases involving Arnold Schwarzenegger, R. Kelly, and more, represent Mitchell.

Mitchell and Allred held a press conference on Wednesday to announce the lawsuit.

Per Fox News, the famed lawyer started getting involved with the scriptwriter on October 26, a few days after the tragic accident that happened on the set of the movie.

In the conference, Mitchell was visibly distraught and emotional with the situation, saying she's depressed and doesn't feel safe.

The scriptwriter added that she fears for her future as the violent tragedy has taken away "the joy" in her life.

Referring to Hutchins, Mitchell said she's been robbed of her new friend, and she never wants this kind of tragedy to happen to anyone else.

The lawyer said there were warning signs that there were "dangerous conditions related to guns on set" a few days before the horrendous incident happened.

"A camera operator had reported two gun discharges during a rehearsal in a cabin. 'This is super unsafe,' the camera operator wrote in a text message to the production manager," she added.

Furthermore, Allred said Baldwin and the others involved in the suit are "reckless."

Mitchell is the second person to file a lawsuit regarding the incident. The movie's gaffer Serge Svetnoy took civil legal action last week.

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