R. Kelly's associate, Michael Williams, received 96 months of a prison sentence after doing an absurd thing toward a Jane Doe victim-witness.

On Wednesday, the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York confirmed the sentencing against Williams after his previous August 2020 indictment. The said associate reportedly intimidated and threatened an alleged victim in the R&B singer's case. On top of that, he damaged and destroyed the victim's car with fire and explosives, causing him to be charged with arson.

The incident reportedly occurred in June 2020 outside a Florida residence whether the victim-witness was staying.

"He previously made internet searches about the detonation properties of fertilizer and diesel fuel, witness intimidation and witness tampering, and countries that do not have extradition agreements with the United States, "the investigators said, per Rolling Stone.

The United States Attorney Breon Peace said that the findings also revealed that Williams set the vehicle on fire during midnight. After the reported intimidation and threat toward a victim-witness, the office pledged to charge those who do acts of violence to silence victims.

With that, Williams received 96 months prison sentence.

Michael Williams' Victim Breaks Silence

Following the verdict's release, the Jane Doe victim-witness dropped a statement which Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez released.

The victim expressed their gratitude after Williams tasted his own medicine. By putting him behind bars, Jane Doe will reportedly feel more secure and safer.

"Because of your actions, I live in fear and have had to relocate my entire life. In that home were not only adults but animals and children under the age of 10. My family is traumatized and has been in distress due to this unlawful act," the statement went on.

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Jane Doe then hoped Williams would reflect on his crimes throughout his prison stay.

Apart from Williams, two other associates of R. Kelly - Richard Arline Jr and Donnell Russell - both received charges related to the singer's racketeering trial in August 2020 

The disgraced singer received 10 more years in prison in addition to three to seven years imprisonment for each of the ten counts of criminal sexual abuse in Cook County, Illinois.

Because of this, his team fears that R. Kelly might spend the rest of his life in prison soon.

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