Brian Laundrie was reportedly found alive in Texas, and a new explanation of how a "skeletal remain" was proved to belong to him took over the spotlight.

A comparison between Gabby Petito and Laundrie's remains surfaced since discovering the human skeletal remains in the Carlton Reserve. People pointed out that Petito was found at the remote Spread Creek Dispersed Campground in Bridger-Teton National Forest in western Wyoming. At that time, the authorities could still recognize her and managed to conduct tests to determine the cause of her death.

Meanwhile, Chris Laundrie found "part of human skull" and belongings that were later proved to be those of the fugitive.

Some people questioned how only part of his human skull might have been left out by alligators or other flesh-eating animals in reserve. They also asked how Petito's body remained identifiable despite being out for a longer time than Laundrie, while the fugitive did not have anything except for that small skeletal part.

However, after a long debate, a Twitter user explained how it is possible - and how the parents managed to plant it on his behalf.

Brian Laundrie Underwent Surgery Long Before Crimes Happened

On Twitter, a user shared a photo of Laundrie alive in Texas weeks after discovering the skeletal remains. It also disclosed that the fugitive underwent a mandibulectomy to fix his underbite.

"There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Brian Laundrie got a mandibulectomy to fix his underbite. The mandible portion was planted in the CR with his belongings. He was seen in Texas in disguise with the exact same suit and shirt recently," the user captioned the post.

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No documents can confirm that Laundrie underwent the procedure. However, the user shared several photos to prove he had removed part of his jaw bone during the procedure.

People agreed to the theory and noticed how the fugitive had a different nose following the potential surgery. This can also explain how the authorities only found that part during the search.

On top of this, a new photo also went viral, showing Chris holding a white bag with a noticeable notebook in it before joining the search. The now-viral image suggested Laundrie's parents planted all the evidence for him - his jaw bone, the notebook, and his white bag.

The authorities nor Laundrie's family has commented on the new claims yet.

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