Despite knowing what his future holds, Prince Charles is said to be hesitant about becoming the next King of England.

The Prince of Wales has spent more than seven decades preparing for the throne, but now that it may be time for him to take it, he has allegedly admitted that he is not ready.

According to Woman's Day, he and his 95-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had a private conversation when the latter returned from a hospital visit, with the 73-year-old future King admitting his anxieties.

An unnamed palace insider told the outlet, "It was an incredibly raw exchange."

"Having Ma'am in hospital triggers all kinds of protocol in the event of her passing - and Charles was affected by it."

However, something that happened to the father-of-two recently apparently helped him understand out what his actual purpose is - and it isn't becoming the monarchy's leader.

"His time at the climate summit underlined what he truly wants to do - activism," the insider said.

However, with Prince Charles apparently declining to become King, one name comes to mind as someone who is prepared.

Passing the Crown

To Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles proposed that he give the throne to his son, Prince William.

Many people believe that the younger and more popular royal is capable of succeeding to the throne.

According to the insider, "Charles pointed out that William has Kate. And unlike Camilla, Kate's always been adored by the public and could be a more effective queen."

By passing the crown to his son, it would also be a more cost-saving perspective.

The insider explained, "Isn't it best to pay for just one coronation instead of two in the space of a few years?"

Prince Charles is not only unprepared, but he is also not as healthy as he once was, especially after getting the coronavirus last year.

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Not The First Time He Talked About It

The insider continued, claiming that Prince Charles voicing his worries to his mother was not the first time he had done so.

However, the monarch is said to be frustrated by her son's fears. However, she has no choice but to let him go and do his thing since "it is also her responsibility to provide a meltdown-free transition when she departs this planet."

The Real Story Behind Prince Charles' 'Fears'

Woman's Day should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no guarantee that Prince Charles will abdicate his throne and hand it up to his son.

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