Nobody could have predicted how Prince Charles and Princess Diana's love story would end, since it was really epic. 

The narrative deepens further when it is discovered that Princess Diana was the one who initially cheated on Prince Charles.

Princess Diana was the first to cheat on Prince Charles, according to In Touch Weekly, and she did it four times throughout their marriage.

Prince Charles clearly bore the brunt of the public's wrath as a result of his infidelity, but the public was unaware that the Princess of Wales had backed out of their marriage. 

Despite this, the future King never spoke badly of his ex-wife after she died.

There's a reason why the Duke of Cornwall didn't inform anyone about his ex's affair.  

Prince Charles' former personal protection officer, Allan Peter, was the one who informed the prince that his wife was having an affair with Barry Mannakee. 

Allan said, "Perhaps Princess Diana acted on instinct after hearing what Prince Philip said about their marriage - that if Prince Charles' marriage to the Princess of Wales didn't work out, he could go back to Camilla [Parker Bowles] in five years." 

When she learned of this, the mother of two became persuaded that her husband was already cheating on her, prompting her to covertly seek Barry.

"In a sense, Charles drove Diana to find comfort in another man's arms. She betrayed her vows at least four times."

When challenged by Prince Charles, Princess Diana allegedly rejected the claim of her romance, but subsequently acknowledged to it. 

Princess Diana Allegedly Cheated Prince Charles With Other Men 

Princess Diana had covert romances with James Hewitt, James Gilbey, and Oliver Hoare while still married to the Prince of Wales, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Why Didn't Prince Charles Diss Princess Diana? 

The actual reason Prince Charles avoided discussing his ex-girlfriend and their secret romance was because it would hurt his ego and provoke his fears.

According to a source who spoke to In Touch, "He was young and insecure. Times were different, and he felt emasculated that it didn't look good for the future King's wife to be two-timing him with her bodyguard."

"It damaged his ego, also, because Diana was so popular, and he would've looked petty." 

Princess Diana, Prince Charles
(Photo : Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)
Princess Diana, Prince Charles

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The Truth About Cheating Allegations 

Take In Touch Weekly's report with a grain of salt for the time being. 

Unfortunately, no one could confirm or deny what occurred on their marriage all those years ago since the British royal family also has a policy of keeping their dirty laundry concealed from the public eye.

Princess Diana couldn't speak to herself also.

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