Rumor has it Ellen Pompeo has already decided to quit her role as Merideth Grey from "Grey's Anatomy" after sixteen years because of its work environment.

An inside source revealed that the actress is done for good with the television series and wants to participate no longer. According to the National Enquirer via Suggest, the reason for the celebrity's sudden departure is that her things at work have become more toxic than she had expected.

The publication also brought up one of the former cast members of the series, Isaiah Washington. Recently, they admitted that he experienced toxic behavior from one of his co-workers before he had left the show.

Ellen Pompeo's Toxic Castmates

The "God's Not Dead: We the People" star shared that Patrick Dempsey, who had been the show's leading man with his role as Derek "McDreamy" Shepard, was actually a toxic person to work with.

However, the same source also said that Washington was booted out of "Grey's Anatomy" for explicitly harassing gay castmate T.R. Knight with homophobic language. The actor had denied these accusations and told everyone that the real reason he was kicked off the series was that Dempsey had made a big deal out of the situation mentioned above.

A person close to Pompeo shared that "Ellen is feeling eyes burning holes in her back" after the toxic controversies involving her former colleagues started gaining attention from the media. Apparently, the actress can't help but blame herself for what had happened as she felt like she "could have done more to protect her co-stars."

"Now she's convinced she needs to get out [of the show] before more unpleasant details are revealed and she'll be painted as the bad guy," the same insider said.

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Is the Toxicity Getting Out of Hand?

Isaiah Washington proceeded to put more fuel in the fire after disclosing that Pompeo had accepted a $5 million bribe "under the table" in exchange for her silence about the issue with Dempsey. Insider reported that the actress was directed to keep quiet and "not tell the world how toxic and nasty Patrick Dempsey really was," according to Washington's words.

The article also revealed that the actor has been open about his dislike for the "Bridget Jones' Baby" star since the beginning of their work relationship, even describing him as a "total tyrant."

No official statement from the show's executive producers or Ellen Pompeo's side confirming her departure from "Grey's Anatomy" has been released.

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