Brian Laundrie reportedly killed another woman months after allegedly killing Gabby Petito.

The authorities announced to the public that Laundrie's skeletal remains had been forwarded to an anthropologist in pursuit of determining his cause of death. Some theories continue to rise despite the FBI Denver confirming his death through dental comparison of the remains.

Outside the case, multiple news outlets reported the death of Stephanie Crone-Overholts. Fishermen initially found body parts of the woman between November 11 and 12. The public first found a leg with a distinctive tattoo bearing the names Sean, Greg, and Zach.

After releasing the image, the public identified her as Crone-Overholts.

While both cases are definitely different, online sleuths came up with several theories that have since been called "absurd" by other internet users.

Did Brian Laundrie Kill Stephanie Crone-Overholts?

On Twitter, WFLA reporter Josh Benson shared an image of Crone-Overholts and confirmed that the body parts found in Tampa belonged to her.

"HOMICIDE. Update on the remains found in McKay Bay in #Tampa. The victim has been identified as Stephanie Crone-Overholts. The family has given permission to release this photo. The Medical Examiner has ruled the case a homicide," he captioned the post.

One internet user stood out as they claimed Laundrie was the one who killed the woman. They also claimed that Crone-Overholts had been his "next victim" all along.

However, other users quickly called them out for sharing misinformation online. One asked them to stop sharing such an absurd statement, writing, "You're literally the one that is claiming that it's "proof" that Brian laundrie is still alive. You're the one who needs to prove your statement seeing as you're claiming 'proof.'"

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It was not the first time Laundrie was associated with the case. Previously, one YouTuber uploaded a photo of a map alongside the caption, "A human leg possibly linked to #BrianLaundrie has been found in Tampa, Florida!"

Most people dismissed the new theory as it would be unbelievable if the fugitive cut his leg and continued to be at large. In addition, the remains - which are confirmed to be those of Laundrie - were already bones. The leg that was found in the area still had flesh and skin.

Laundrie also never had the same tattoo as Crone-Overholts. Lastly, McKay Bay is nearly 76 miles away from the Carlton Reserve, where the human remains were found.

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