WWE has released their statement regarding Seth Rollins, who reportedly got attacked by a raging fan during the recent episode of "Raw."

The World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. has addressed the issue involving the assailant who had unexpectedly charged at Rollins during last week's episode of "Monday Night Raw." The event happened to be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, where a live audience had watched everything unfold.

Media outlets received the entertainment company's side of the story after reaching out to WWE about the incident's aftermath. According to sources, the attacker had been arrested and passed over to the authorities of the New York police department.

"WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously," the company's statement had disclosed and continued to say that "The individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Seth Rollins Survives Attack

Some of the people who had attended the show recorded the incident on camera and posted it on social media, where it garnered the attention of netizens and reporters alike.

Based on this article by SBNation's Cageside Seats, the former Universal champion had just finished his fight with Finn Balor and was about to walk back up the ramp to the stage set up when the attacker came out of nowhere and blindsided him.

  It seems like the man had taken advantage of how preoccupied Rollins was with maintaining eye contact with the camera and entertaining the audience. The fan had used this time to climb over the waist-high rail fence, which was left unguarded. READ ALSO: Did Ric Flair Leave WWE Because Of Vince McMahon? Star Wrestler Speaks Out Following Rumors Moving To AEW

Seth Rollins' Attacker Gets Booed

The video footage from the fans showed how Rollins managed to contain the situation before it could escalate as the professional wrestler lessened the assailant's attacks with the headlock he put him in.

The venue's security team quickly got a hold of the fan and escorted him out of the building while the audience made their thoughts about the man known for their booing and screaming profanities. Alex McCarthy, an editor from talkSPORT radio station, tweeted out the exact moment the attacker passed by the crowd.

"Entire Barclays Center chanted "asshole" at the dude who tried to jump Seth Rollins as he was escorted from the arena," the post had read.

Seth Rollins or his representatives have released no official statement as the pro-wrestler has not yet posted a response or personally addressed the issue, even though several sources have reached out to him.

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