Queen Elizabeth II remains out of the spotlight following her on-and-off duties after an overnight stay at a hospital in London. So far, she has already missed significant events across the world, including the United Nations' COP26 climate change summit and the Remembrance Day ceremony.

As she nears her record-breaking 69th year of reign, a royal expert shared her thoughts on whether or not Her Majesty would step down instead of pushing her celebration next year.

In a report shared by Express UK,  Sydney University's Dr. McCreery claimed it is implausible the Queen would abdicate and allow Prince Charles to be king. Instead of giving up the throne, Her Majesty would reportedly decrease the number of her engagements instead.

"It is unusual for British monarchs to 'retire' - it is more common in other European monarchies," she said. "More common in Britain is a gentle reduction in royal duties as a monarch ages - Queen Victoria is a good example of this - though she participated in important royal celebrations near the end of her life (for example, the 1897 Diamond Jubilee)."

Queen Elizabeth II Does Not Want To Repeat History

Dr. McCreery also reflected on the possible reason why the Queen never wants to abdicate.

In the history of the British royal family, only two monarchs chose to abdicate - James II and Edward VIII. Unfortunately, the latter's abdication led to his father becoming king.

After George VI took over the throne, royal fans believed his health worsened due to the stress he suffered from.

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"The Queen - along with other members of the Royal Family - continue to see Edward VIII's abdication as a dereliction of duty, and thus abdication is not a choice that the Queen would wish to make if at all possible," she went on.

After King George VI died due to lung cancer in 1952, the unexpected time brought Queen Elizabeth II to the throne at the young age of 25.

Although she is expected to limit her engagements, Queen Elizabeth II actually started giving some of her roles to the central members of the royal family.

 Mrs. Margaret Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, also said Her Majesty pledged to offer her entire life serving the monarchy and kept that promise in a letter.

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