Queen Elizabeth II's health worsened once again following the release of BBC's "The Princes and The Press," a royal commentator claimed.

On Monday, BBC's new documentary series, "The Princes and The Press," aired the first part, which shocked the viewers. It mainly touched on the royal rift between Prince William and Prince Harry and how the royal family deals with media scrutiny due to the statements from "royal sources" and the media.

Although the documentary did not speak ill about the Queen, it has been claimed that Her Majesty also suffered from its aftereffects, especially since she was supposed to be resting instead of dealing with royal problems.

Queen Elizabeth II's Health In Danger

According to Christopher Wilson of Express UK, the last thing the Queen needs right now as she deals with personal crisis and health problems is to hear bad news about her grandsons. The commentator added that 2021 has been challenging for Her Majesty due to the pandemic and the death of Prince Philip.

He noted that Queen Elizabeth II marked what should have been her 74th wedding anniversary with the late duke, but she had to remember it alone.

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"A TV show discussing who said what about whom in the war of the young Waleses isn't important just at this moment. The accusations levelled against both sides aren't new either - they were destined to be included in an ITV documentary earlier this year," he said.

Wilson added that BBC should know when not to attack the royals, and these days are not the best days at all.

BBC Hurting Queen With The Documentary

Per Wilson, releasing "The Princes and The Press" on Monday hurt the Queen, and it became a careless timing to do so. He then accused the network of attacking the Queen when they could.

He insisted there are other times they could have made the attack, but Wilson believed that the recent release was off.

"Yesterday's programme was a smack in the face to all those who care for the Queen, who feel protective of her, and who look forward to celebrating her Platinum Jubilee next year," he went on.

Queen Elizabeth II, despite suffering because of Prince Harry's reckless moves, reportedly wants reconciliation between her grandsons. Unfortunately, the documentary ultimately failed on that.

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