Kate Middleton joined one of the most notable women in the world who transformed into domestic violence victims for a new campaign.

A contemporary pop artist and activist recently unveiled new posters and spread across Europe to share influential campaign to stop domestic violence.

On Instagram, artist AleXsandro Palombo shared several edited pictures of the most famous women and transformed them like they are victims of abuse. The series, which he titled "She reported him, but she was killed anyway," featured Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, whose face on the poster is full of bruises and cuts.

She joined Vice President Kamala Harris, Christine Legarde, and Queen Letizia of Spain on the list.

"She reported him -- But nobody believed her - But she was left alone -- But she was not protected - But he was not arrested - But she was killed anyway," the caption said.


Several internet users spotted the posters in Milan and Spain, and one can assume it has already reached a wider audience since the release.

Why AleXsandro Palombo Made The Campaign

According to the artist, his main goal is to highlight the poor responses from politics about the issue of gender-based violence. Polombo also wants to reveal the futility of the response and support to the victims in the past decades.

In the end, he questioned why a woman should report the abuse if she would still be killed in return.

"Why should a woman report the violence if after the report she is not protected by the institutions and ends up being killed anyway? How can a woman victim of abuse and violence still have faith in the institutions?" he went on.

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The emergence of the promotional material came a week after the Duchess of Cornwall broke her silence again for women who survived domestic violence. She made the piece as part of the latest issue of WI Life and was eventually shared with the members of the Women's Institute.

Per Camilla, the statistics on domestic violence cases have been skyrocketing - causing the deaths of thousands of people.

"As our knowledge of different types of abuse increases so must our efforts to raise awareness to empower victims to recognise the signs and to seek help," she went on.

Camilla has been campaigning the issue as one of her public work's priorities, and she hopes this soon will stop.

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