Many celebrities and their business ventures struggled during the COVID19 pandemic, and Sarah Jessica Parker is no exception. A report last year suggests that the actress was left broke and forced to sell her house, clothes, and more to survive life; could this be true?

According to a previous report published by Woman's Day, the "Sex and the City" actress suffered a significant financial loss during the lockdown.

The magazine alleged that SJP swapped her "glamarous acting life for a more humble one" as she started selling her luxurious clothing to survive.

A source revealed that the actress was spotted helping customers at her store in Manhattan, New York. Many fans thought that she was a "financial victim of COVID" as she never visited her shop.

In addition, her acting gigs were reportedly slow at the time, like her HBO show "Divorce," which was cancelled for three years, and her Broadway show was delayed.

Aside from selling designer outfits, SJP was also forced to sell her townhouse for a whopping $20.5 million despite living there for over two decades.

The magazine suggested that she was "strapped for cash" and needed money so bad that she ended up selling her beloved home.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Financial Problems Rumor Debunked

A year after the report was published, Suggest countered the story, saying the magazine debunked itself with its claimed information.

The outlet mentioned the magazine noted that SJP wrapped up her three-year appearance on the HBO show, sold her house for a hefty amount of money, and is looking forward to starring in a Broadway show. This means the actress is not struggling financially as she has had a lot of projects and is expected to do more.

Although Parker was indeed seen in her shop, the outlet mentioned she was helping customers and not going broke.

Furthermore, the actress' representative reached out to the outlet, saying the story was completely "false."

Aside from the abovementioned information, Cosmopolitan recently published a report about the actress's net worth for 2021.

This year, Sarah Jessica Parker has an estimated net worth of $150 million, which only proves that she's not having a hard time with money.

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