Every year, Queen Elizabeth II and other royal family members spend their holidays at Sandringham in Norfolk. The tradition has been going on for decades as they attend numerous festivities, local church services, the annual weigh-in, and more. However, Her Majesty suffers from heartbreak whenever she comes back to the estate; what could this be?

According to Express UK, the monarch's father, King George VI, died at the age of 56 at Sandringham on February 6, 1952. The former King passed away due to lung cancer.

Her Majesty was not in the United Kingdom at the time of her father's death as she was deployed to Kenya for a royal tour.

When she returned to her home country, she immediately became Queen.

After Christmas, the longest-reigning monarch spends weeks staying in the place. The outlet mentioned that she usually leaves the estate on or after February 7.

February 6 is Her Majesty's anniversary of her succession to the throne; it is also the same day her father died.

Queen Elizabeth II is believed to keep Christmas decorations even after the holiday season in tribute to the former King.

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Is The Queen Coming Back To Sandringham This Year?

Even though the Queen grieves every year for her father's death, she's looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her family.

Last year, the Sandringham tradition was broken due to the COVID19 pandemic restrictions. She was forced to celebrate the holidays at Windsor Castle.

This December, the monarch is said to be excited to be back at the estate and see her family members gather for the special occasion again.

An insider spoke to Mirror UK last month, saying that 2021 is "incredibly important" for the Queen to be surrounded by her family.

The Queen is reportedly doing her best to recover from her health woes to host the annual tradition. However, despite her looking forward to the exciting event, the Royal Family is still grieving the death of Prince Philip.

Members of the firm expressed in recent months that they truly miss the Duke of Edinburgh.

The outlet noted that if the family returns to Sandringham this year, it would be an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to their late ancestors, including Prince Philip and King George VI.

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