Prince William reportedly hid a big secret from his wife Kate Middleton at the beginning of their marriage, which finally gets revealed.

The Duke of Cambridge recently shared the heavy burden he endured while serving the emergency services at the military's frontlines. Daily Star reported that Prince William didn't tell this secret to anyone and had difficulty admitting it even to his close family members.

According to the publication, the royal had confessed his longtime burden during his speech at The Royal Foundation's Emergency Services Mental Health Symposium held on November 25. A total of 200 emergency service leaders from fire, ambulance, police, and search and rescue departments had attended the royal's brand new mental health initiative that day.

Prince William told the event's attendees that before he had devoted his life to the responsibilities and duties of being part of the royal family, he had been a former emergency responder for the RAF Search and Rescue and the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Prince William's Big Burden

The Duke had reportedly opened up about his experiences in the organizations and how the mental strain of his work became a big burden for him, which resulted in him keeping it a secret from his wife and family all these years.

"I remember the pressure of attending calls in the most stressful conditions, sometimes with tragic conclusions," Prince Willam revealed.

He continued to reminisce, saying, "I remember the sense of solidarity with my team, pulling together to do the best we could and sharing the weight of responsibility."

Based on this article by Mirror, Kate Middleton's early marital life with the royal was heavily affected by the traumatizing things he had to go through in that field of work. "I also remember returning home with the stresses and strains of the day weighing on my mind and wanting to avoid burdening my family with what I had seen," the Prince himself confessed to the crowd.

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Prince William's Experience with Death

The source also mentioned the previous times that the Duke openly shared the struggles he had while working in Britain's emergency services, which affected his relationship with his family due to how closed off he had become from seeing people die as he tried to save them.

"When you see so much death and so much bereavement, it does impact how you see the world. It impacts your own life and your own family life because it is always there," the Prince once said.

Prince William had concluded his speech by giving praise to frontline workers worldwide who had given their best while doing their job and for dealing with the ever-consistent mental pressures that are forced upon them by their line of work.

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