Kate Middleton and the late Prince Philip apparently share a common interest between the two of them, passed down to the next generation of the royal family.

It was revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge and her father-in-law had more things in common than what the public first thought. According to Express, before His Majesty's tragic passing, the royal and Middleton had bonded over their love for adventure, gardening, sailing, and, surprisingly, sports.

However, another hidden fact about the duo was their keen interest and shared passion for art. According to the publication, Princess Eugenie had admitted that her grandfather- the Duke of Edinburgh, was actually an incredibly creative person.

Prince Philip's Skillful Hands

During the latest 2021 BBC documentary titled "Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers," the Princess recalled the moment she learned about His Majesty's artistic talent. "We were standing in Windsor Castle, in the Rose Garden and I didn't know that Grandpa designed the garden, but also the lotus flower in the middle of the fountain."

The royal also claimed that creating came naturally to Prince Philip as he just had "that creative gene in him" but chose to remain silent and not show it off to the public.

Princess Eugenie continued to share some of the moments the Prince had shown interest in her artworks saying, "I love art, but I only worked out that Grandpa and I had that in common when I was about sixteen because I would be sitting and painting and he would come and look at things."

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Kate Middleton's Background in Art

Meanwhile, sources reported that Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, is known to have graduated from St. Andrew's University with an art history degree back in 2005.

  The Duchess is now enjoying her days as a mother to three beautiful children. Inside sources close to the couple said to the publication that the royal children engage in arts and crafts with their mother, dubbed "the artsy one" in the Cambridge household. With the combination of Prince Philip's artistic gene and Middleton's artsy ways, it's not a shocker that the younger generation of the royal family is beginning to show signs of their creativeness.

When asked about an activity that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are excited to engage in, the Duchess answered papier mache. "It's something I'm loving doing with the children. I forgot how messy it is, but it's really great," Middleton said.

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