Queen Elizabeth is allegedly holding a grudge against her daughter-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, which had apparently affected Prince Charles to the point of tearing up.

It seems like Her Majesty is still mulling over something that the Duchess of Cornwall has done. However, whatever Parker Bowles has done appears to be grudge-worthy according to the royal's standards and has even strained Prince Charles' relationship with his mother.

Based on an article by Globe via Suggest, the 95-year old monarch is "dying with a grudge" and will most likely take this specific bitterness towards Prince Charles' wife to her grave.

According to the publication, Queen Elizabeth's resentment is rooted in her hatred and detestation for Camilla Parker Bowel ever since she entered and ruined the royal family's life.

Queen Elizabeth's Grudge

Rumor has it that the Duchess has been on the Queen's wrong side after her affair with Prince Charles was unexpectedly revealed to the public and splashed across every media outlet's headline. The controversial scandal had not only ended the heir's marriage and peaceful family life, but it had nearly destroyed the prestigious reputation of the monarchy.

According to the source, the in-laws were forced to "get along in public" and act civil as millions are always looking for any underlying tension between the two. However, the Queen and Parker Bowles relationship in the privacy of closed doors is an entirely "different story."

  An inside source revealed that the head of Clarence House had eagerly approached and begged his mother to "treat Bowles with more kindness" immediately after his divorce with the late Princess Diana had been finalized. READ ALSO: Meghan Markle Has Control Over The Family Finances? Prince Harry Becomes A Henpecked Husband of the Duchess [Report]

Prince Charles Begs Queen Elizabeth

What brought feelings of distraught and tears to the Duke's eyes were Queen Elizabeth's harsh words after he came to her in desperation as his mother referred to the love of his life as "that wicked woman" and "wanted nothing to do with her." "On that evening, [the Queen] had several martinis, and to Charles' surprise, she replied forcefully: She would not condone his adultery, nor forgive Camilla for not leaving Charles alone to allow his marriage to recover," the same informant said.

Another insider reasoned that "Her Majesty is old-fashioned and, in her heart, I suspect she still sees Camilla as a tawdry temptress unfit to help her son rule."

The royal family had always put their duty firstmost than anything else, and the Queen saw Parker Bowles as a possible liability to the throne.

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