Speculations about Meghan Markle's overbearing control over Prince Harry have extended to their finances as media dubs the royal "One Of The Most Henpecked Men in Hollywood."

An inside source claimed that the "Randoms Encounters" star has developed a habit of double-checking all of her husband's credit card statements. According to Life & Style via Suggest, the Duchess of Sussex is very thrifty and labeled her as someone who "loves saving money" and "keeps a very tight grip on the family's finances."

The publication came out with a controversial take on the Sussexes marital lifestyle, specifically, Prince Harry showing "henpecked husband" characteristics with news of his wife having control over their expenses making headlines recently.

Meghan Markle Counts Every Penny

During the New York Times' Dealbook Online Summit, the celebrity claimed that she never buys anything online "without finding an online promo code first." The starlet made sure her family knew her thriftiness as she extended it to Prince Harry's credit card purchases.

"Meghan says she's just being mindful of their finances since she grew up on a budget, but checking Harry's credit card statement definitely crosses the henpecked line," a close source to the couple said. The informant also revealed that Markle "counts every penny" and cross-references every expense on their shared checkbook.

The majority of public opinion stated that the Duke of Sussex should be able to double-check his credit card statements and handle his own finances as an adult. However, another insider shared that "Meghan clearly likes being in control" and that the Duchess "doesn't like surprises" even with the things her partner purchases.

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Meghan Markle's Childhood

An article written by Hello Magazine confirmed that Markle does still look for discount coupons and promo codes when shopping even though she's financially secured due to her marriage to the Duke.

The former actress said that being smart with her money was "ingrained" into her since she was a young girl and that her "values have not changed" even if her financial situation has. Although the Duchess has since moved on from using clip coupons to online promo codes, the sentiments remain the same.

"[Being thrifty and saving] is still in there, it is a modern version of the same thing. That was ingrained in me when I was young. Imagine what the world would be like if you ingrained other elements of financial understanding, especially to a young woman," Markle shared to the audience.

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