Kathie Lee Gifford and Randy Cronk have been together for two years now, but their relationship is going through a rough time. One report suggests that Gifford is flirting with one of the cast members of her new show; could this be true?

According to a report published by Globe, the TV presenter have been flirting with her co-star Craig Ferguson because her relationship with her boyfriend has been on the rocks for a while now.

Per an insider, Gifford has been teasing her boyfriend to propose to her soon by hinting about it on television, but Cronk doesn't like the idea of it.

The TV star thought her current boyfriend was serious about settling down with her, but he's just playing.

The source added that the two rarely sees each other, and the best way for her to get him back is by flirting with Ferguson on television.

Gifford reportedly doesn't care about the people surrounding them as the person she's flirting with has been married for more than a decade.

"People think she's just masking her disappointment over Randy by abetting her eyelashes at Craig - but the thing is, he's happily married and his wife can't like this," the insider added.

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The Truth Behind Kathie Lee Gifford's Recent Actions

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the claims by pointing out a few consistencies behind the story.

The outlet mentioned that Gifford and Ferguson haven't been spotted publicly since the movie "Then Came You." The recent report used a photo from the film's trailer to make the story appear credible.

However, the outlet pointed out that using the image as bait to viewers is misleading.

In recent reports, Gifford has been busy with her daughter's wedding, meaning she's not flirting with her co-star.

Regarding her relationship with Randy Cronk, the outlet noted a story from Gifford's memoir titled "It's Never Too Late," in which she discussed having fun with a mystery man, but she needs to back away.

It's unclear whether the two are still dating today as they haven't been spotted together in recent years.

Furthermore, Gifford has been shying away from the spotlight after she left "Today."

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