Jeffrey Epstein's ex-pilot broke his silence on the other passengers' identities during Ghislaine Maxwell's Tuesday trafficking trial.

On November 29, the opening statements in Maxwell's trial began after more than 200 potential jurors for the case were questioned.

One of the people who took a stand on Tuesday was Epstein's former pilot, Lawrence Visoski Jr. Before the sex offender's death, Visoski worked for him from 1991 and 2019 - a period that allowed him to identify the list of high-profile people who boarded Epstein's plane between those years.

Maxwell's defense attorney questioned him on Tuesday, with Visoski responding with a list of celebrities who became the late convicted offender's guests on his private plane.

Who Boarded Jeffrey Epstein's Plane Aside From Prince Andrew?

Visoski broke his silence and named two celebrities who have also been embroiled in their own scandal in the past years - Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker.

The ex-pilot revealed that the "American Beauty" actor once became a passenger on a private plane. Outside Maxwell's trafficking trial, Spacey has also been accused of assaulting minors in multiple lawsuits. The Los Angeles District Attorney's office even revealed in April 2018 that Spacey sexually assaulted an adult male in 1992.

On top of that, he received three more allegations - bringing the number to six. In December 2018, he was charged with a felony for allegedly sexually abusing the 18-year-old son of journalist Heather Unruh in 2016. More victims, including actor Anthony Rapp, revealed that the Oscar winner assaulted them in multiple incidents when they were 14.

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Visoski also named Chris Tucker as the other Hollywood celebrity who was on Epstein's plane.

Tucker particularly got embroiled in a child molestation case when he befriended Michael Jackson's young accuser. He called the alleged victim "cunning."

Visoski's statement was supported by a woman who identified herself in court under the pseudonym Jane. She reportedly flew on Epstein's private plane multiple times alongside Prince Andrew, Adam Perry Lang.

She also reportedly met Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago when she was 14 years old but clarified that the former POTUS nor the passengers of the plane ever committed wrongdoing against her.

The female testified Epstein never asked her to recruit other girls or have her involved in lascivious acts with anyone.

Amid all these, Maxwell pleaded not guilty to eight charges of sex trafficking and other crimes.

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