Brian Laundrie's parents never spoke directly about their son since the case began. However, they chose to set their lawyer, Steve Bertolino, as the center of their communication.

Since the beginning of the investigation, Chris and Roberta Laundrie had been making Bertolino speak on their behalf. The lawyer, who has been in practice since 1994, seemingly caught authorities' hearts with his flowery words that his statements were never questioned at all.

Internet users, on the other hand, noticed "his power" again and made speculations about his real connection with the FBI.

Is Steve Bertolino Helping Laundries Get Away With Murder?

On Twitter, users insisted that North Port Police and the FBI seem like they are constantly impressed by Bertolino. They questioned why the authorities never commented anything on his statements since the investigation began, leading to theories that the lawyer might be connected to them in any way.

One said, "It seems North Port Police were always impressed by the charasmatic Laundrie lawyer. He spoke. They never questioned. It was as if an inside officer was telling them Bertolino was their chief. Brian Laundrie's Parents."

"How much are the dirty laundries paying the north port police and FBI to stay out of jail. How much is Steve Bertolino getting paid to keep them out," another alleged.

It was not the first time the public theorized the possibility of Bertolino being connected with the FBI, though.

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In October, the attorney expressed his rage that he had been part of the conspiracy theories related to Laundrie's case.

During his appearance with Chris and Roberta in NBC News, Bertolino said he has been friends with the Laundries and even watched the fugitive and his sister grow up. He also debunked the rumors that the parents planted the evidence since Chris and Roberta themselves wanted to be in the search after the park's reopening.

Meanwhile, the North Port police claimed they are 100 percent sure that neither of Laundrie's parents brought any of the discovered items with them on the day of the discovery.

"John Q Public can't get it through their head that this area was inaccessible and that the items located yesterday perhaps couldn't be seen," he went on.

The theory about Bertolino's connection with the FBI should be taken with a grain of salt -- for now.

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