Speculations about Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's relationship have started circulating as the pop star's finance referred to her as his "wife" on a recent social media post.

Britney Spears and her finance had reportedly celebrated the "Oops! I Did It Again" star's 40th Birthday one day earlier on Wednesday, December 1. According to Daily Mail, the couple had shared the highlights of the special day on their Instagram accounts.

The publication mentioned that Asghari had organized an extravagant fireworks show to commemorate the celebration. The personal trainer managed to record a series of clips that showed the beautiful bursts of sparks and posted it on his Instagram stories.

Britney Spears Celebrates Her Birthday

A few hours before the fireworks exhibition, the couple had also uploaded snippets of their "loved-up" day. They included the moment the younger presented a B-shaped cake topped with shimmering roses and a little acrylic box of the same flowers to the birthday celebrant, who appeared to be overjoyed by the gifts based on the short videos on Asghari's IG stories.

In the social media posts, the two seem to be aboard a private plane to fly to the secret destination where the fireworks show was held later that day. The aspiring actor and the artist both posed for the camera as they were recorded, locking lips and lovingly gazing at each other at the opening entrance of the private jet.

People reported that aside from his Instagram stories, the 27-year old had also dedicated a birthday greeting post for his celebrity girlfriend on the photo-sharing app. Asghari uploaded clearer images of him and Spears in each other's embrace, with them kissing and another one with them smiling at the camera.

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Is Britney Spears Married?

However, what caught fans and netizens' attention was not the picture itself but the post's caption. It read, "I call you Lioness because I admire your relentless strength, I'm inspired by your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile that lights up my world."

"Every day is your Birthday my queen. Happy 1st Birthday to my wife," he concluded.

It seems like the CEO of Asghari Fitness is just starting to get used to calling the Grammy Award winner his "wife," as Spears is already preparing for their upcoming wedding. An insider from the source previously reported that "Britney is talking about what kind of wedding she'd like and has been considering venues."

The superstar herself confirmed that she has yet to tie the knot as she referred to Asghari as her fiance in her own Instagram post. "Oh the precious joy today!!! Me and my fiance are so excited to be going away.... God thank you for being able to go out of the country !!!! I am blessed !!!!"

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