The whole "Hamilton" Twitter community is in chaos after a TikTok video showed who is believed to be Broadway actor Anthony Ramos along with another woman despite being engaged to co-" Hamilton" star Jasmine Cephas Jones.

One TikTok user reenacted a scene where she spotted a Latino actor with a woman while working in a strip club, November in Los Angeles. The dancer claimed that she recognized the guy, and Google searched him, discovering that he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend.

   @dearjane1 Both of them were apparently super nice and sweet Maybe he didn’t make things official yet? #storytime #story #celeb #tea ♬ Senorita Chicolita - Orchestra Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists    

  Many netizens assumed that it was Ramos right after the video showed a redacted People article without revealing the couple's name. The worker also noticed that it was not the fiancee he was with.

Ramos 'Lock Your Doors'

Right after the whole reenactment of what happened, the said TikTok video also revealed a short clip showing proof of what seemed to be Ramos sitting at the club with the other woman. However, his identity has not been verified. Many people were shocked right after the video went viral online, which also made the "In The Heights" actor take a spot on the trending list. One said, "anthony ramos had true love man and just ruined it for WHAT. SOME YT GIRL?????"

This was also followed by another fan referencing his character from "Hamilton," "ANTHONY RAMOS THATS WHY YOUR CHARACTER IN HAMILTON DIED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!"

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Relationship In Shambles

Many people have been trying to investigate the longtime couple's relationship as Cephas Jones apparently deleted her birthday post dedicated to Ramos four weeks ago. In the deleted birthday post, Jasmine said, "Keep defying the odds. Grateful to witness your growth, passion, and love on this whirlwind of a journey called life. This is 30 bay bayyyyyy. Happy Birthday, I love you."

Fans are upset about the idea that Ramos could possibly be with another woman, but as of writing, no reports have confirmed that he was at the LA strip club.

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones started dating after they met in the rehearsals of the Tony Award-Winning Broadway musical, where the actor played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. In contrast, his partner played Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.

Harper's Bazaar reported that the two have been going strong ever since they confirmed their relationship official, Valentine's Day of 2017.

In December 2018, Ramos proposed to Jones, which took place in front of Arundel Castle in England.

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