King Richard III was finally named the suspect behind Edward V and Richard's death, new evidence revealed.

For decades, the royal family questioned how the two heirs to the thrones - 12-year-old Edward V and 9-year-old Richard - suddenly disappeared and were found dead despite their young ages.

But a new Channel 5 documentary finally explored what happened to the two inside the Tower of London.

Did King Edward III Kill Princes In The Tower?

The latest episode of "Inside the Tower of London" shows a team of archaeologists who conducted a pioneering survey to resolve the Tower's waste disposal methods. Presenter Tracy Borman, a Tudor historian, unexpectedly found evidence related to the murders of the two princes.

Edward V and Richard, the Duke of York - who are often regarded as the "princes in the Tower" -- reportedly stayed inside the tower since their disappearance in 1483. Initial findings suggested that the royals' uncle, King Richard III, killed them inside the Tower after making people believe he only wanted to "protect" them.

But then the United Kingdom's Historic Royal Palaces' website said, "They were never seen alive again."

There were also rumors that King Richard III ordered the murders of the two princes. Meanwhile, the previously unknown "inside source" supported the account of the greatest mystery in the history of the British royal family.

A professor of history in the Department of History, English, Linguistics, and Music at the University of Huddersfield in England, Tim Thornton, recently made the story as the center of his new study. He noted that King Edward III's death in August 1485 ignited the buzzes about his potential connection to the death of the princes.

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It remains unknown how the royal princes exactly died; however, people accused they succumbed from drowning, poison, starvation, and suffocation, among others.

Thornton also supported what the unearthed analysis of Sir Thomas More - who was executed by King Henry VIII in 1535 - proved King Edward III's involvement in the "princes in the Tower" case. Before More's death, he dropped "History of King Richard The Third," where he proved that the royal indeed murdered the children. He added that Sir James Tyrell ordered horsekeeper John Dighton and Tower guard Miles Forest to carry out the crime.

Thornton then claimed it became the greatest evidence as the account "rubbed the shoulders" of King Edward III's sons.

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