Due to her old age, Queen Elizabeth II often goes to bed early and reportedly sleeps over eight and a half hours every night. During former President Barack Obama's visit to the United Kingdom in 2011, Her Majesty felt that she needed to stop the dinner to get a good night's rest.

According to former chancellor George Osborne, the longest-reigning monarch had to excuse herself from the gathering to go to sleep.

Speaking in an online event organized by Old Pauline Club, St. Paul's School alumni association, Osbourne revealed that the Queen came up and told him that "it's late" and wanted to go to bed. (via Express UK)

The chancellor then looked at the President and saw that he was having a great night drinking vodka martinis with his pals.

Osbourne didn't know how to approach the former leader, as he recalled, "I was like, 'Oh, my God, I'm going to be the person that has to go and tell him to go home.'"

In the event, President Obama and his wife, Michelle, were guests of honor at the state banquet that took place in Buckingham Palace.

The couple spent three days in the United Kingdom, where they toured around the city and met up with the newly-wed Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Barack Obama was the third President of the United States to visit the country in over 100 years.

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Another Hilarious Thing That Happened During President Obama's Visit

According to Obama's national security advisor in his memoir "The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House," the former leader rehearsed his speech inside the palace when a butler went inside and warned him about something.

The server said there was a mouse in the room. Barack Obama didn't act frantic at the time; instead, he thought of his wife, who was in another room preparing for bed.

The President told the butler, "Don't tell the First Lady." (via Town and Country Magazine)

When the server said the staff would capture the mouse, Obama insisted on not telling his wife. Michelle Obama is reportedly afraid of mice.

After their state visit in 2011, Barack and Michelle Obama came back to the UK to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge again. They also met their child, Prince George.

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