Some experts don't believe that Alec Baldwin didn't pull the trigger when Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot dead. 

A veteran prop master has called "bulls---" on the Hollywood A-lister's claims that he didn't pull the trigger of the gun that fired a live round on the set of "Rust."

Retired cop and prop master Bill Davis spoke to The Sun to say that the chain of events outlined by Alec during his interview with BBC on Thursday didn't make sense. 

He said, "Guns never just fire themselves - especially the single-action .45 revolver he was using at the time. Simply put, his excuse is bulls---."

When he was questioned about how common it is for a gun to malfunction and fire without the trigger being pulled, Bill explained, "It doesn't. it's uncommon to the max," further adding how he thinks the veteran actor is "full of s---." 

But Another Expert Believes Alec Baldwin

Meanwhile, in an article published by The Reload, firearms reporter Stephen Gutowski explained that the "Boss Baby" star's claims seemed "far-fetched" because it's not common and "exceedingly rare for a gun to fire without the trigger being depressed." 

Stephen explained how modern firearms, even the replicas of old guns, have safeties designed to stop them from firing without pulling the trigger.

He added, "It only really happens when the gun's firing mechanism is damaged, or there is a significant design flaw."

He thinks that Alec Baldwin's claim is "somewhat more believable" because the gun used was "more prone to firing without the trigger being pulled."

Stephen continued, "Even though it's a modern replica of an antique design, it's possible it did not include modern safety devices."

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Outlining the two scenarios, the expert said he would support the actor's claims but also noted that "both seem improbable." 

"The first is the hammer being pulled back far enough to set off a round but not far enough to catch a sear. That's a real hard sell."

He also wrote, "The next scenario is some sort of mechanical issue with the gun itself. Something that kept the sears from engaging the hammer. But, that should've been pretty easy to spot by anyone handling the gun. It would be clear it was broken." 

In his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Alec Baldwin claimed how he "never pulled the trigger" on Oct. 21 during a dress rehearsal for an upcoming scene on "Rust."

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