Prince William recently teamed up with Apple Music Plus to release an audio series that aims for people to relax while walking for their mental health. Hours later, Prince Harry coincidentally made a big move about the same topic.

According to Express UK, the Duke of Cambridge's audio series titled "Time to Walk" encourages people to walk for their minds. It consists of three episodes and is available to stream for free.

Aside from that, the series also has a feature that allows the listener to access it via Apple watch through the Fitness+ app. They would see the future monarch share more personal stories and songs close to his heart.

"We know mental health has been a taboo and a stigma for a long time all around the world, and it still is," Prince William said. (via Today)

In a tweet last week, Prince William mentioned that his involvement with the project aims to inspire the public to "get active and take time for their own mental health."

The series will make a significant donation to three big foundations: Shout, Crisis Text Line, and the Australian charity Lifeline.

The audio was recorded while the Duke walked around Queen Elizabeth II's Norfolk property, including the famous Sandringham House, where they celebrate their holidays.

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The Duke talked about several topics; in some parts, he became emotional.

Hours after the "Time to Walk" project was released, Prince Harry also made a big move regarding the same topic.

The Duke of Sussex opened up in an interview about being a part of BetterUp, a coaching and mental health firm, and his role there as a chief impact officer.

He dabbled on the topic of unemployment, job resignations, and burnout, which are the crucial things that highly impacted the public over the pandemic.

As many people worldwide managed to stay in their jobs amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Prince said most of them do not enjoy what they're doing, and they're "putting their mental heath and happiness first."

The Similarities Between The 2 Princes' Respective Projects

Prince William's recent deal with Apple Music is similar to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Netflix and Spotify deals.

The royal couple, who stepped down from their role as senior royals last year, collaborated with the streaming giant to create podcasts that would feature "different perspectives."

Their Netflix deal, on the other hand, aims to create content to inform and give hope to the public.

Despite the Duke of Cambridge donating the proceeds to specific charities, Prince Harry has not confirmed whether they tied up with a foundation.

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