Tragic news has shaken the hip hop community as netizens found out that rapper Slim 400 died in Los Angeles, California.

No Jumper's official Twitter account has initially reported the news saying that the Slim 400, real name Vincent Cohran, was shot and killed. They tweeted, "Rapper Slim400 has reportedly been killed, R.I.P. ," attaching a photo of the artist.

  This was later supported by reports saying that Cohran died on the evening of December 8, Wednesday. As of writing, there are only a few details regarding the said murder as it is a breaking news story. Slim 400's manager, Mud Dolla Mayor, posted a photograph of the "Bruisin" rapper on Instagram with a caption, "Pull thru not tryna hear the Bs I'm hear'n pray for Slim400."

One netizen was also able to record the alleged crime scene where he died, located in Inglewood, California, between Manchester and Crenshaw.

Slim 400 was extensively known for his affiliation with Young Gangsta (YG) and Sad Boy Loko.

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Tributes For Slim 400

Despite having little confirmation regarding the incident, netizens have showered the 33-year-old with condolences and expressed their shock and grief over the tragedy.

 Power 106 even tweeted, "Los Angeles rapper and associate of YG, Slim400 has reportedly been shot and killed. Our condolences to his family and friends. Please keep them in your prayers!"

Some fans were also able to share videos of the singer's works in the music scene and photos with messages dedicated to him.

  Many also noted the last moments Slim left on his official Instagram account where he shared a photo of his song, "Shake Black," dedicated to Young Dolph, who also passed away last month, November.

Slim 400 2019 Tragedy

This was not the only time Slimm 400 has suffered from life-threatening injuries. Based on a report by TMZ back in July 2019, he was shot multiple times by masked gunmen in a black vehicle.

A source told the publisher that Slim was on the phone with his manager, Mud Dollaz, in Compton when the shooting occurred. They revealed that he got hit by nine bullets on his upper and lower back, his jaw, and the top of his head. He underwent surgery and got full recovery in the following weeks.

Slim400's passing comes on after rapper Young Dolph and SpottemGottem, who was admitted to the hospital after being injured in a Florida drive-by shooting earlier this year.

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