Britney Spears' lawyer Mathew Rosengart has slammed Jamie Spears after the father asked for more money even after the conservatorship has been ended.

Earlier this month, Jamie filed a document that sought the court's "confirmation, authorization and direction" on making his daughter's estate continue paying his legal fees.

In response, Rosengart said it is an abomination that the patriarch is now asking for more money amid the claims that Jamie only launched conservatorship to earn more.

In a roasting statement obtained by a news outlet, Britney's lawyer clarified that the conservatorship had ended and Jamie was permanently suspended.

"Under the circumstances, his petition is not only legally meritless. It is an abomination. Britney poignantly testified about the pain her father caused her and this only adds to it. This is not what a father who loves his daughter does," he said.

Britney Spears Earns Fans' Support

Britney's supporters also came forward after Jamie launched the new demand, with most of them telling him to get a job instead of milking his own daughter.

One said, "Jamie Spears, the disgraced suspended conservator, doesn't love #BritneySpears Jamie Spears loves his daughters money & now that he no longer has unfettered access to that $ he should call Lou Taylor for another loan cuz he's not getting any more $ from Britney #FreeBritney."

"Jamie Spears has a weird obsession with torturing Britney & that's f*** scary. She didn't want him in her life and he took over. She hated Lou Taylor, he brought her in. She fought for years to remove him, he stayed. And now, he wants her money to pay his legal fees. I can't," another exclaimed.

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Their outrage targeted Jamie's filing seeking more assistance from his daughter's estate by making it pay his legal fees.

"Prompt payment on account of Jamie's attorneys' fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatorship can be wound up quickly and efficiently to allow Britney to take control of her life as she and Jamie desire," the petition said, per Variety.

As of the writing, his attorney charges around $1,200 per hour. Jamie tried defending himself in the same filing, saying he dedicated his whole life to protect the pop star's health and her estate.

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