Prince Andrew still has no hope in dismissing the civil lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre despite the existence of the accuser's settlement with Jeffrey Epstein.

On Monday, the 2009 settlement between Giuffre and Epstein was unsealed, stating that the document serves to "remise, release, acquit, satisfy and forever discharge any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant."

CNN noted that the settlement did not list any names and that Giuffre received $500,000 in 2009 after signing the document.

Prince Andrew's team saw the document as their hope to dismiss the civil lawsuit. However, a legal commentator believes it would not help him in any way.

Prince Andrew Still in Big Trouble

Legal expert Joshua Rozenberg QC told Sky News that things are not looking good for the royal prince despite the 2009 settlement.

"What the judge seemed to be suggesting this meant was that the only people who could actually enforce this agreement were Jeffrey Epstein, and he of course is dead, and Virginia Giuffre. And she has no interest in enforcing this agreement because she is trying to say that it doesn't apply," he said, as quoted by Express UK.

Rozenberg explained that the document was sealed and intended to be confidential. Despite that, it remains unknown how Prince Andrew discovered details about it and relied on it in his recent legal trouble.

With these things, the legal commentator said the Duke of York could not take advantage of the document nor use it as a third party.

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Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the royal prince after he sexually assaulted her when she was 17. Judge Lewis Kaplan has since told the court that, at this stage, he must assume the truth that Prince Andrew truly forced a child to have intercourse with him.

For now, the judge promised he would make a quick decision on Prince Andrew's attempt to make him dismiss the claims.

For what it's worth, the royal's lawyers insisted that the clause in the 2009 settlement covers him. They also alleged that Giuffre got more aside from the $500,000 settlement from Epstein by earning more money from all potential defendants in exchange for their full release.

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