There has been speculation that Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel are having troubles resulting in them not moving into their own residence together.

Based on a report from the National Enquirer via Suggest, their dream house seemed to have been "destined to become a nightmare." Scott didn't mention it to his partner.

Apparently, according to the said source, the "Property Brothers" star claimed that Deschanel's children immediately named the property, saying, "You know what happens when you name something, whether it's a mangy stray dog or a beautiful home of your dreams? You keep it."

The Dream House

It was previously reported that the couple is officially homeowners after buying a Los Angeles house in May 2020. However, they haven't been able to move in yet.

The celebs shared the news regarding their new home in the latest issue of "Reveal" magazine, where Scott joined his twin brother and HGTV co-star, Drew. And as to what the 43-year-old TV personality explained, "When you're doing a major reno, you always, always, always find hidden problems. You just hope they don't cost a lot of time and money."

In contrast, Deschanel has problems with their move-out, and her patience is getting thin. An insider told the publisher, "The delays are wearing her down. She loves Jonathan, but she figured if she was moving in with a Property Brother, at least the property would be livable!"

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The House Renovation Debunked

As Suggest investigated the show, there seemed to be misunderstandings with what the show "Property Brothers" do. And for what they have explained, it is about buying houses and renovation.

And of course, Scott would be prepared to change things up in their new home before they move in, which his partner will also expect. The whole report is unclear as well, they claimed that they bought his home in May 2020, yet Scott never announced it until the last week of December 2021. He and Deschanel looked happy as they told a "full-blown reno" would happen.

The two have been dating since the fall of 2019, after they were spotted holding hands in Silver Lake, California. This article believed that they bought their home after less than a year of dating, but knowing Deschanel's divorce with Jacob Pechenik happened and wasn't finalized until June 2020, it isn't connected.

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