There has been speculation circulating online regarding Adam Sandler, claiming that he was dead.

Apparently, the reason behind why the "Hotel Transylvania" actor had gone trending on social media was due to Twitter users and a supporting TikTok clip saying that he has been "pronounced dead after drowning."

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  The Hollywood actor caused a panic after fans saw the video allegedly revealing that he drowned or suffered from a fatal accident. However, it turns out that social media users were taking part in a trend of telling people that Sandler was dead while filming their reaction, as per The Sun.

As a result, most netizens online also responded to the fake news regarding the 55-year-old star by becoming upset and shocked. One said, "I saw someone predict more deaths for 2022 and someone said Adam Sandler like NO, Adam Sandler does NOT die; leave my scrunk out of this."

This was followed by another fan saying, "Whoever decided to jumpscare me by saying Adam Sandler was dead, I absolutely hate you with every fiber of my being. He's not dead, by the way."

And to confirm, yes, the "Grown Ups" actor is alive and well. Two days before the hoax started trending, he left a tribute to his co-comedian friend, Bob Saget, following his death.

The Tiktoker who posted the video, only named Gio.yurr, revealed that it was nothing but a "sick joke." And based on the clip, it was posted two years ago, on November 30.

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Not The First Time

Aside from the recent issue surrounding the star, this was not the first time he became a victim of a death hoax. In fact, in 2015, articles claimed that the "Happy Gilmore" actor died of an apparent suicide at age 49.

They even used Marin County Police in California as their source who suspected it was suicide "due to asphyxia." Another in 2019, a Twitter account shared another claim of the actor and other celebrities, purporting that he died in New York at the age of 52.

Where Is Sandler Now?

As also reported by the same source, Adam Sandler has just finished the Netflix basketball film "Hustle" last October 2021, where he was seen portraying a "struggling scout who discovers a star overseas player."

He joined LeBron James' production company as they worked together on the new project.

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