Jamie Lynn Spears is speaking up and no longer sitting idly by as people form different types of narrative about her and her relationship with sister Britney Spears.  

By now, everyone knows that Britney has named Jamie Lynn as one of her "abusive" family members in the duration of her conservatorship, which lasted for 13 years. This prompted fans to accuse Jamie Lynn, 30, of abandoning the "Toxic" singer and even threatening her with death. Jamie Lynn shared this ordeal in a new interview that aired on January 12 and also defended herself.

"I've only ever tried to be helpful, so any notion that says the contrary is just completely ridiculous," she told People

Jamie Lynn explained why she didn't do more to support Britney Spears, saying she had to protect her own family, the one she was able to build quite young with husband Jamie Watson. "It was really important for me to separate myself from my family to focus on the family I've created," said the actress, who is raising Maddie, 13, and Ivey, 3, with husband Jamie Watson. 

She went on to say she "loves and supports" her older sister as the pop singer works through the "painful process" of attaining normalcy after being freed from a conservatorship that lasted very long. 

She also said that it is a situation that called for her to choose her own health over her sister's because everything has now turned toxic and complicated.

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"This is a complicated situation," she shared. "It gets to a certain point where you can't help someone who doesn't want you to. If it starts to become harmful or unhealthy for you and your well-being, then you have to remove yourself. My intentions have always been pure when it comes to my family."

In the same interview, Jamie Lynn wanted the critics to remember that she was technically a child when the conversatorship first started in 2008 and she cannot really do anything about the situation. 

"I didn't have a say when [the conservatorship] happened. My sister was going through a hard time, I was still a child, and that's what everybody, I think, forgets: I was just a kid going through my own crap," she explained. 

She revealed she was asked to be a part of the conservatorship, but "declined it nicely." 

Instead, her gameplan was just to be there for Britney, simply as a sister.  "I just wanted to remain her sister, very simply," Jamie Lynn added. "It's unfortunate that I've been grouped into this, but the facts are I had nothing to do with anything."

According to reports, Britney has no plans to extend an olive branch any time soon. Reports had it that the icon could not even envision a future with her family, including her sister. 

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