Royals are often stressed when handling events, hosting state banquets, or royal engagements as it requires a lot of effort and interaction with the guests. One royal aide described Kate Middleton's genuine attitude whenever an unpredictable moment happens during the abovementioned activities.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the former aide revealed the Duchess of Cambridge is a "perfectionist" whenever she's working as a senior royal, but it's not always the case as she also has a "great sense of humor."

Whenever an unexpected thing happens during a royal engagement, former adviser Rebecca Priestly said Middleton would not take it seriously as she will start "giggling" if something goes wrong.

"On a trip back from an engagement, she will giggle if something went wrong and sees the funny side of things and will often take the mick out of herself and William," she said. (via Express UK)

The former aide also explained that the public often sees the Duchess' "professional side," but it doesn't necessarily mean there's no fun behind closed doors.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Loves Showing Their Funny Side

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not always serious as they would like to crack a joke occasionally, even when they face the public.

The couple previously attended the Royal Variety Performance, where they were seen giggling and exchanging laughs.

In a video circulated online, the Prince could be heard clearing his throat and having a hoarse voice.

Middleton took the opportunity to tell a joke to other attendees, saying the cause behind her husband's strange voice is because of "too much singing."

One of the Duchess' closest friends also claimed that she's humorous around her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

"She's brilliant at dressing up and acting silly for the children, going into different characters. She adores her children, playing football and rounders and feeding the chickens and gardening with them," the friend revealed.

The couple's humor was also seen in their official YouTube channel's trailer. At the beginning of the video, the Duke jokingly told his wife, "you've got to be careful with what you say now because these guys, they're recording everything."

To which Middleton replied, "I know!"

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