Speculations believe that Jessica Simpson has had difficulty trusting her husband for seven years, Eric Johnson, over "infidelity fears."

One report says that her trust issues are wearing out on their marriage, claiming that her husband has another woman on the side. Life & Style via Suggest reported that Simpson and Johnson are going through a "rough patch" despite their long faithful marriage.

Apparently, the "I Wanna Love You Forever" singer is said to be paranoid that her husband could go stray, affecting their once-solid relationship.

Simpson's Paranoia

An insider told the source, "[They've been] fighting non stop because of her trust issues," adding that she seems to think that Johnson will cheat on her.

  "It's a vicious cycle they can't seem to break," the informant also claimed, describing that she is needy. "He feels smothered and pulls away, she becomes more clingy."

However, the article also reported that Simpson's close pals are trying to reassure the singer that there is nothing to worry about. "[Simpson] needs to realize Eric loves her more than anything and would never have an affair," the tipster concludes.

Following the rumors circulating, the couple has yet to confirm any of the claims. In fact, as per Suggest, the report is also "unlikely" for many reasons. One is it is doubtful for Simpson and Johnson's close pals to snitch about their struggles at home. Two, if the singer is going through fears and insecurities, they would never be broadcasting that information to the world.

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Not The First Time

Meanwhile, this was said to be never the first time Simpson and Johnson were struggling with their marriage. Us Weekly previously reported that their marriage was "falling apart" behind closed doors.

The article also insisted that it is all because of the 41-year-old's jealousy and the paranoid tendencies she has been wearing Johnson down. When you look at him, it's clear he's aged like 20 years in the last decade," a source spilled.

Ultimately, there is insufficient evidence to support Life & Style's article version of speculations, as per initial source.

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