Sarah Ferguson seemingly realized that staying with Prince Andrew would not do something good for her.

After a US court judge denied Prince Andrew's request to dismiss the case, Queen Elizabeth II - through Buckingham Palace - revoked her son's military titles and royal patronages. She also clarified that Prince Andrew is facing the case as a private citizen and not as a royal.

Her Majesty's decision resonated with what the more than 150 veterans of the Royal Navy, Air Force, and Army wanted to happen. They sent a joint letter to the Queen to ask her to remove Prince Andrew's titles and ranks in the armed forces as he fell short of their highest standards of "probity, honesty and honorable conduct."

Because of the recent turn of events, Sarah Ferguson reportedly began to consider leaving the Duke of York behind before it is too late for her.

Sarah Ferguson No Longer in Prince Andrew's Side?

New Idea recently claimed that Ferguson is losing her confidence in Prince Andrew already despite standing by him when Virginia Giuffre filed the case for the first time.

While the royal prince has been suffering because of too much humiliation, Ferguson took their daughters - Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice - for a holiday trip.

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"It's interesting timing that Fergie chose now to take off on a family holiday with the girls given that, until now, she has stayed in the Royal Lodge with Andrew. Things are increasingly messy for Andrew, and it seems it's getting all too much for Fergie," an insider said.

It then prompted Ferguson to have serious, deep thoughts about whether she would want to hit rock bottom of her life with Prince Andrew as the Duke of York could never get rid of the issue. If she chooses to stay, she would risk her reputation.

Meanwhile, the daughters reportedly want her to keep silent as they believe they would be fine.

Did Sarah Finally Decide to Leave Prince Andrew?

First and foremost, Ferguson's holiday trip with her daughters had nothing to do with Prince Andrew. In fact, she truly visits Verbier almost on a yearly basis as she purchased a home in the area after marrying the royal prince.

"Since that first visit, I have regularly returned for holidays to Verbier," Ferguson said. "My family has followed me over the years. We feel free and happy, we feel at home. Anyway, I call it 'my home.'"

She also has unwavering loyalty toward her ex-husband, and she pledged to stay with him despite their divorce.

With that said, it is implausible Ferguson would leave him now that he needs her the most.

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