The investigation into the domestic violence incident involving Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito is finally completed, and it prompted YouTuber's supporters to feel enraged toward the late fugitive.

In August, police in Moab, Utah, encountered Laundrie and Petito following the alleged altercation between the two. As seen in a body cam video of one of the responders, the couple was near the entrance of the Arches National Park.

At that time, Petito admitted she "punched" her fiancé in the arm when she saw law enforcement turn their lights on behind them. A leaked 911 call also proved that the YouTuber informed the service that Laundrie hit her, but she clarified that she slapped him first as he kept on telling her to stay silent.

A probe has since been launched to look into what happened at that time, and the official results are now available.

Did Brian Laundrie Manipulate Police During Utah Encounter?

The Moab City recently released a 102-page report by an independent law enforcement agency. It found that the Moab Police officers who went to the scene in August made several "unintentional mistakes" that seemingly made things worse.

According to the papers, the police failed to cite Petito for domestic violence and that Laundrie would have been the victim. With that, the YouTuber might be the suspect and abuser at the time of the incident.

"Statement of all those involved, along with the evidence presented, provided probable cause for an arrest," the captain who wrote the report said.

They also recommended giving the police additional training on domestic violence situations.

Laundrie family, through their attorney Steve Bertolino, has since released a statement on Wednesday saying that the law enforcement did their best during the couple's fight.

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"To label every disagreement between couples a citable domestic violence incident is to criminalize human emotions and reactions that should be dealt with outside of the criminal code. In my opinion the officers did the right thing by separating the two young adults," he went on, as quoted by ABC 7.

However, people who have been supporting Petito and fighting for her justice have accused Laundrie of manipulating the police before calling him the murderer. They also called the team out for not overlooking the "right" mistake, which was when the police consoled Laundrie instead of checking on Petito, who was crying at that time.

As of the writing, the authorities have not released a follow-up document, yet. But people are still desperate to know the truth behind the couple's tragic deaths.

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