The X Factor introduced its brand new Four Chair Challenge and announced the final four contestants from the Over 25 category on Wednesday.

Host Mario Lopez explained the new addition to the hit singing competition reality show to the Final 40 acts on Oct. 2.

"4 chairs, 10 acts, but who will be left at the end?" Lopez asked the crowd.

As the rock band Queen's We Will Rock You played in the background, Lopez explained that "category-by-category, one-by-one, the acts will perform. Then, their mentor must decide whether or not to give them a seat or send them straight home."

Cowell then explained that after all 10 acts from each category are performed, "nobody will be safe until the end."

Lopez warned after that the process will be "emotional dramatic and intense" before the challenge began.

In the end, the final four contestants for the Over 25 category were announced. They are mentored this season by new judge Kelly Rowland.

The Final Four OVER 25 contestants are:

Jeff Gutt

Rachel Potter

James Kenney

Lillie McCloud

The eliminated OVER 25 contestants are:

Kristine Mirelle

Allison Davis

Victoria Carriger

Denny Smith

Jeff Brinkman

Lorie Moore

Cowell will continue to mentor the groups category, Demi Lovato was selected to oversee the girls to victory and Paulina Rubio will mentor the boys. 

The Four Chair Challenge will air over the next two weeks. The X Factor season 3 airs on Wednesday & Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on FOX. 

The X Factor, however, will not air on Oct. 23 due to a one-week hiatus for a professional baseball game that will air live that week. The season's live shows will then resume on Oct. 30.

Watch Lopez introduce the Four Chair Challenge below.