For a show whose characters are constantly on the road, having a permanent set like the Men of Letters Bunker gives Supernatural writers the chance to build a lot of lore into the Winchester's new home base.

When tasked with creating the bunker, production designer Jerry Wanek said that the only description given for the site was 'a concert bunker.'

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"Because of the breadth of knowledge that the Men of Letters had at their disposal and these are all learned people and what we sort of glommed from all that was they were well-versed in astrology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, whatever the sciences are," Wanek explained to Screen Fad. "Plus mythology, therefore we have this great library. To put it into a [plain] concrete bunker, after 2 or 3 episodes you get bored."

Since the Bunker was dubbed a command center by the secret society in the 1930s and placed adjacent to a power source, Wanek designed the safe haven with an art deco theme. Imbedded in these details are protections to ward off any invading supernatural creatures.

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"There are hidden symbols in the frieze going around the library, plus sigils and demon traps above the bookcases," Wanek previously told Entertainment Weekly in their Comic-Con Special. "At the bottom is a bronze devil trap. At every doorway we have some sort of symbol, which would be the next line of defense if a demon breaks in."

However, when season 9 premieres, the bunker will be getting quite a bit bigger. While last season the Winchesters discovered a dungeon and spelled chains, this year Jensen Ackles claims there will be a garage, a kitchen, and a computer room.

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"There's a giant garage [that we'll see in a future episode]," Ackles told ScreenFad. "It's about time, I've been begging for that ever since we introduced the Men of Letters because it's like 'Come on! Really? Just leaving the Impala parked out on the street? Covered up in some bushes and stuff?' So Baby's finally got some place to sleep."

Check out a little of the bunker in the video below.

Supernatural returns to the CW on Oct. 8.