Seth Meyers is preparing for his move to NBC's Late Night and fellow talk show host David Letterman had a few hints for the comedian.

Although Meyers is still manning his post for the "Weekend Update" section of Saturday Night Live, the 39-year-old will soon leave the show he called home for over 12 seasons.

Jimmy Fallon is moving on from Late Night and Meyers is poised to take over his 12:35 p.m. slot. However, David Letterman thinks the show's title could use a little tweaking. In order to keep the program from being confused with Letterman's own similarly titled endeavor, the venerable host suggested Meyers revert to the old title of the show.

"You think we should change it back to The Tomorrow Show?" Meyers joked.

"Why not?" Letterman asked. "Why not Today show, Tonight, Tomorrow? That's the perfect trilogy, really. I'm giving this to you free! I'm putting a nail in my own coffin here!"

It looks like it will take quite a bit more cajoling to get Meyers to warm up the idea and, as the new host quipped, he's already had the mugs printed up.

Currently Meyers can be seen on Saturday Night Live. Starting on Feb. 24, the actor will move to Late Night with Seth Meyers.