Who wants to save GCB? Now even Wendy Williams has gotten involved because it is one of her favorite shows and she doesn't want it to go away! She has set up her own petition to save the show which can be signed here.

So far, Williams' petition has racked up nearly 15,000 signatures. Another petition on savegcb.com, has garnered over 43,000 signatures. Both petitions are capped at 100,000 signatures each.

Savegcb.com updated their petition status. Website founder Randy Bragdon wrote: "Congratulations, we quickly passed the 1/3 of the way to our goal of 100,000 signatures! In less than 4 days you have all been a part of the momentum in this campaign to Save GCB, and I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and support.

"The last 24 hours for SaveGCB have been huge!

"We have had celebrity endorsements, retweets, postings, comments and support for SaveGCB.com. Yesterday Perez Hilton tweeted "Power to the people! http://SaveGCB.com Can y'all make it happen? I'm sure my beloved @KChenoweth would love that!" That was huge exposure, 4.9 million followers... HUGE!

"In addition to the love from celebrities and fans, the media has picked up on our campaign. SaveGCB.com was the TOP story for Dallas News last night, we have been featured in Playbill, IMDB, Hollywood.com, The Toronto Sun, London Free Press, several local ABC stations in the US, County Music news... the list goes on and on!

"Keep up the "faith" in SaveGCB.com!"

The controversial GCB series which featured Southern, church-going women, was not the only ABC show that was cancelled.  "The River" , "Missing", and "Pan Am" didn't make the cut either.

Executives hoped that GCB would be a popular hit show, but the show only averaged less than 6 million viewers, perhaps due to the controversy involved.  The show was boycotted by One Million Moms who said it offered  a "bigoted portrayal of Christianity."
The original title of the show was called "Good Christian Bitches". It subsequently changed to "Good Christian Belles", before the name finally settled on GCB. The series was based on a novel by Kim Gatlin called "Good Christian Bitches."

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