Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Teresa Gorga have decided to end their infamous feud and make up.

Just days after filming for the sixth season of the reality series began, the two ladies were seen playing nice while supporting each of their daughters at a cheerleading competition. A witness who was at the event told Radar Online, "There wasn't any drama. It was all about their kids. Perhaps they're leaving the drama for the cameras, but it appears their feud is over for now."

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The reality stars revealed that they were getting along when Gorga shared a photo on Twitter of her daughter Antonia and Giudice's daughter Milania in their cheerleading uniforms. She included the caption, "Look at these two beautiful cheerleaders! They did amazing today!"

Teresa shared the same photo on Instagram and wrote "Milania and Antonia at their cheerleading competition, so proud of them both." She also posted a picture of her daughter and husband Joe Giudice, with the caption, "Daddy's little girl!"

It doesn't look like Teresa and Melissa's former feud will make it on camera this season.. An insider said they have decided to put their differences aside and make up for good.

"Melissa and Teresa have agreed to play nice, and Teresa is over the ongoing drama. Melissa especially knows viewers are tired of the same drama, so she is giving up on fighting with her sister-in-law," the insider said. "She now is going to play nice because she got a lot of heat for how she acted last season."

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Melissa and Teresa will reportedly be spending the holidays together with their families.