After Perez Hilton joked about Brandi Glanville saying rehab about not be "very fun," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star slammed the celebrtiy blogger to insulting her and making light of a serious topic.

The dispute began after the RHOBH episode on Monday, Dec. 16, in which Glanville was seen having a few alcoholic drinks and then stumbling around. She took to Twitter to set the record straight about her drinking habits and claims that she drank too much.

Glanville tweeted on Dec. 16, "For those of u who dont know me saying I need rehab,Im NOT going& I dont need it (yet) plus it doesnt seem like it would be very fun :)"

Hilton had a harsh opinion on Glanville's statement and called her out in a report published on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans might think she's a little too friendly with the liquor cabinet, but the wine-guzzlin' gal is set in her ways!" Hilton wrote. "She DOES have a point considering her good time obviously involves a lil' bit of the forbidden liquid fruit. But then again, considering her sassy remarks have been getting her into trouble lately, she might want to shut the f*ck up keep her thoughts on boring rehab to herself."

Glanville did not appreciate Hilton's negative comments. She called out the blogger for being mean, among other things.

The former model then retweeted a message by one of her social media followers:

"@BrandiGlanville @PerezHilton it's true he has no room to talk your way of making money is bullying celebs for the public to see #TeamBrandi."