David O. Russell Talks 'American Hustle,' A Simpler Time, 360 Degree Shooting VIDEO

David O. Russell garnered Oscar attention for last year's Silver Linings Playbook, and it looks as if the director may repeat the feat this year with American Hustle.

Written by Eric Singer and David O. Russell, the 1970s based film stars Christian Bale as a conman named Irving Rosenfeld who has found himself in the midst of and FBI ABSCAM operation. Speaking with Deadline's AwardsLine, Russell discussed what makes his films so raw and why viewers like to see to here stories from the analog past.

For Russell, a shorter shooting time and less rehearsal helps to create a more fluid filming environment.

"When you've rehearsed something, it feels bedroom perfect. And there's a lack of surprise, and there can be a lack of vitality in that," Russell explained to AwardsLine. "We like the 360 degrees; we shoot like it's a play. You're never really off camera. It's a steadycam-even if you're off camera, it's going to come to you. It gives a looseness to it and raises the bar for everybody, including myself. [We] find the compositions that we're looking for and also you think, 'Oh, this is a much better camera move to punctuate that emotion,' or 'This is a much better line of dialogue.'"

Meanwhile, telling a story that takes place in a world before the instant gratification of the Internet and current technologies helps to take viewers into a slower, more tangible time.

"There's a magic in the analog world that I think is special. The longer it takes to get something, the more you value it," Russell told AwardsLine. "And the shorter it takes to get something the less you value it. Anyone who's raised a kid can tell you this. If the kid gets stuff right away, they're not going to respect it."

Catch Bale, Amy Adam, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle, which is in theaters now.

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