Lisa Kelly "Ice Road Truckers" Is Not On Show Anymore; Viewers Disappointed


History Channel's "Ice Road Truckers" kicked off its sixth season on Sunday. But fans were not happy when Lisa Kelly, who was one of the only females in the show, did not appear in the episode. Lisa Kelly starred on the IRT series from season three to season five and many fans were expecting her to make an appearance on season six. She had even starred in the spin-off series "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads".

However, Kelly wrote on her Facebook yesterday: "As you've seen, I won't be on the show. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the History channel. Throughout the seasons I've been on, they've been nothing short of spectacular in their support. I'm still a trucker and I think you've probably not seen the last of me. Most importantly, I want to thank Team Lisa fans. You are nothing short of the most amazing people out there. You've supported me through thick and thin, and I'll still be here, keeping you up to date on all the adventures I am up to. Thanks everyone, and keep on truckin'. Shiny side is up :) LK"

There is no explanation as to why Lisa pulled out of the show. But according to an interview with Huffington Post, Lisa said she was more less happy about the edited version of the show that is aired. She said she is as real as she can be on the reality show.
Fans have expressed their disappointment in Lisa's absence in the season premiere on Sunday.

"Lisa was the only reason I watched Ice Road Truckers. She was the life of the show! There's no point in me watching it anymore," expressed one Twitter user.
IRT is a documentary-style reality television series that features drives who operate trucks crossing frozen lakes and rivers in Canada and Alaska. 

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