Miami Zombie Attack Rudy Eugene Had No Flesh in Stomach; Autopsy Report

Rudy Eugene, dubbed the "Miami Zombie" after tearing off chunks of a homeless man's face, had no human flesh in his stomach, according to recent reports. An autopsy of the vicious assailant showed no signs that Eugene had actually ingested parts of Ronald Poppo's face. Instead, he was found to have undigested pills in his stomach which have yet to be identified.

Further tests will indicate what drugs he had taken, if any, that could have prompted him to act like a wild animal and attack Poppo.
Officials to the Herald that marijuana was found in Eugene's body in a preliminary review. Family and friends say Eugene had been trying to stop smoking marijuana and drugs altogether. Chunks of flesh were found between his teeth and also around the floor of the vicious crime scene. But it seems that the official autopsy report will not be released to the public until a full investigation is completed regarding the shooting of Eugene by a nearby police officer who had repeatedly told him to stop eating his victim. But despite warnings, Eugene simply growled at the officer and continued with his attack. The officer was then forced to shoot the victim to stop Eugene from gnawing at the poor man's face.

On a sunny afternoon on May 26, a naked Eugene, who is believed to have been under the influence of some sort of drug - presumably bath salts - stripped 65-year-old Ronald Poppo from the waist down and started to attack him for a full 18 minutes. He chewed off 75 percent of his face. Poppo sustains horrific injuries, including an eye being completely gouged out, nose chomped off, and only his mouth and goatee remaining.

The victim is expected to survive but would need months to recovery. He remains in critical condition.

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