Chloe's actions are greatly scrutinized on the next episode of The Young and the Restless.

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At the station, Michael tells Kevin that Chloe's psychiatric evaluation will play a major part in the case. Kevin wants Michael to do all he can to get Chloe out since bail was denied.

Michael also said if she's found guilty, he hopes she'll get transferred to Fairview. At that moment, Chloe appears and says, "You think I belong in a mental hospital?" Michael explains that it's a much better option than prison.

Ian Ward & Chloe Get Arrested For Bad Behavior? 

Chloe then says that perhaps she should be in a mental institution. To comfort her, Kevin says it was just her sadness that took over. Chloe apologizes to Kevin and they hug.

In the meantime, Chelsea harps on Adam at the penthouse. She even tells Connor that he might come through the door. That moment the doorbell rings, but it's Anita.

Unlike Michael, Anita hopes Chloe gets locked up. Chelsea, however, is more sympathetic to Chloe and believes she's only grieving. She even blames Anita for leaving Connor and Chloe alone the night of the incident.

Anita takes the blame and promises it will never happen again. But, Anita wants Chelsea to realize that Adam won't be returning. Yet, Chelsea insists that there's no proof of his death. "He's out there," she says.

Perhaps Chelsea's intuition is right since the next scene shows Adam's functioning hand on a blanket. Someone wearing blue latex gloves enters the room.

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